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IFM Group

We help businesses grow fast online

At IFM Group, our primary goal is to significantly increase the customer base of our clients through their online presence (creating webshops, websites) and through effective online campaigns.


our customers

The online world is constantly changing, faster than ever before. At IFM Group, we are committed to understand our clients’ ideas and constantly coming up with more and more creative suggestions. We admire all the effort, our customers are constantly making to ensure their success, which is why we feel responsible for their future growth.
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how do we work?


What do you want to achieve with your online presence? Who do you want to address, what would you tell them? What is your story? At IFM Group, we start by thinking through these issues with you. This way, we can suggest how you can provide a perfect user experience that attracts your audience, with whom you can share lasting stories and build lasting relationships.


In the planning phase of the process, we keep in mind the factors necessary for online success. We always use multiple approaches, which are then further refined to ultimately get the best results. The secret to our success is to combine creativity with analysis.


Our trained professionals are extremely successful in designing and operating special online interfaces. We create online channels that bring continuous success to our partners. We take into account the demographics, place of residence, browsing habits and even the attachment to social media of the target audience.


Once a project is complete, a software audit phase begins. We continuously monitor results, prepare regular reports and organize meetings to continue to generate significant traffic for your business.
We are only successful if you are already.
We are planning a long term relationship with you.

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changing world

Now, by the time you read this sentence, the world has changed a bit. At IFM Group, we welcome changes in technology because we can use them to be more effective and efficient in achieving our common goals.

Half of all Internet data traffic is on mobile phones. / source: Statista, Nov 2018 /
2/3 of businesses spend on internet marketing. / source: The Manifest, 2018 /
86% of people find new providers online. / source: WebVisible, 2018 /

By 2020, the Internet will have a larger advertising market than all the others combined, including all traditional advertising spaces (TV, radio, billboards, etc …) / source: eMarketer, Mar 2018 / Don’t miss out!

we are curious about your ideas!

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