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Brand video in 3 languages

It’s getting harder to grab people’s attention in the 2020s, which is why our customer chose one of the best ways, brand video, to showcase their business. It is a very effective and attention-grabbing solution.

Webshop with unique category and tag pages

Unlike 80% of webshops, the category and tag pages in weinbarbudapest.de are also individually designed pages and do not resemble the traditional-average webshop look. This is an important point because the product is top notch.

Webshop with unique product, cart and payment page

Unlike most webshops, weinbarbudapest.de’s product, cart and payment page are also individually designed.

Blog with a professional newsletter service

We have combined custom-designed multilingual blog pages with one of the most innovative newsletter service, making it extremely easy and efficient to send blogs to the subscribed group we want. Easily post seasonal discount, blog, birthday greeting, etc …

We can create reports on the percentage of letters opened or read, so we can refine our marketing strategy and segment our subscribers.

Collect subscribers with a "wheel of fortune" in multiple languages

Nowadays, you should use the latest tools to make it easy for visitors to subscribe to our newsletters. One of the best ways to do this is with the “wheel of fortune”, which comes up on the page based on preset parameters.

Landing pages for advertisements

If you want to see the performance of an ad, you might want to keep track of, for example, how many people click on your site from your ad. For this reason, we create a separate landing page for each ad (it has no menu, the point is to direct the visitor in one direction).

This way, we can see exactly how many people click on the page and how long they stay there or buy something from each of our ads.

Measure website traffic

To see exactly how the number of the visitors of your website is changing, what’s interesting and what’s not for them, we can continuously track and generate reports through Google’s software.

Individually built design

There are two approaches to build a website:

  1. We work from a template site, that is, we take a template website from somewhere (even for free) and then transform it and load it with functions according to the ideas.
    • Advantages:
      • usually fast-running websites with basic features
      • cheaper than a custom-developed website
    • Disadvantages:
      • mostly hard-to-develop, inflexible websites, often need to change CSS, which can significantly slow down the site
      • you can find similar websites on the internet, so it is not unique
      • We need to develop a new website every 3-5 years because it is easily get out of fashion
  2. We create a custom-developed website, which means we build a clean-coded, fast and easy-to-develop website.
    • Advantages:
      • fast website
      • completely unique, there is no other of it on the market
      • can be improved indefinitely in its functions, ie it can be developed at any time
      • easy to renew, i.e. completely renewable every 2-4 years, no need to have another website created
    • Disadvantages:
      • development requires more thinking, more time
      • mostly more expensive than the template

In this project, the client chose the custom development.

Responsive design

We have designed the website to look uniform and beautiful on all devices.
In addition to the exterior, the user-friendly interface, which differs from device to device, is also very important, so we made sure to achieve easy, device-specific manageability per device (mobile, tablet, computer).

Automatic online invoicing with delivery note in multiple languages

After each order, the system issues an accepted online invoice for each country (in different languages) and a delivery note can be printed for the package to be sent.

Unique User Account Page (CMS)

Unlike the traditional-simple account system, we designed a nice custom account for logging in and out, tracking orders, and modifying datas.

Call for age-restricted content popup

In the case of an alcoholic product, an age-restricted identification is mandatory when a visitor visits the site. We solved this with a popup solution.

"Coming soon" page

Until the full webshop is complete, a countdown greets the visitor, behind which the brand video runs.

Multilingual website

With the help of a translation program, we assign exact translations to each sentence and paragraph. You can assign any number of languages ​​to the page, and the sentences to be translated will be e-mailed to the translators specified by the client using the program. In the project we assigned 2 languages ​​to Hungarian, the translations are in progress.

SEO optimization

Nowadays, it is essential for a well-functioning website is what the search engines (especially Google and Bing) see from the page. Here you need to think not only about the default settings, but also about each of the advanced page and blog settings that will make each page and post perform well in search engines.

GDPR, Data Protection

We compile Privacy and Cookie Statement for all our customers that meets the highest regulations.

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